For many youth soccer players, their favorite part of the game involves being on offense. They love controlling the ball and pushing upfield to score. As a youth coach it is important to realize that offense involves more than just getting the ball up field.

An uncoordinated attack against less talented teams might work, but it will most likely cause problems for more organized teams. You must understand how soccer plays offense to ensure you can consistently mount offensive attacks that are effective.


As a youth Vao Roi TV coach you must first understand mobility. This can be both individual or team mobility.

Individual mobility refers specifically to the individual’s ability and willingness to move on the pitch. Soccer is a fluid game that requires players to move around. On offense, players move to position themselves to receive a pass or to move away to spread defense.

Your players must be taught to move. If they are too sedentary, it is difficult for the other side to defend. It allows them more pressure on their ball, which can decrease your team’s effectiveness.

Team mobility is the ability for your players to move together. All players should be moving forward, even if you are the offensive player. Your midfielders must move along with your forwards to put pressure on defense and support attack. Your defenders should be moving towards the middle of field to catch any balls the defense is trying to clear.

If your team is stationary, it leaves too many gaps for the opposing team to get through in order to mount a counter attack. If your defenders are not pushing up, it allows opposing forwards more space to position themselves closer towards your goal. This will increase their chances of getting a better shot on your goal.

Your midfields must not push up to allow the opposing defensive team to double-team your attackers. This will hinder your chances of scoring good shots. The defensive pressure will frustrate your attacks.


In soccer offense, width refers how far apart your players are spread over the field. This is important because it forces the defenders and attackers to spread their players out. This results in gaps in the defense. These gaps will enable your forwards to work the puck closer to the goal and give your team better shots.

Depth refers the number of waves you attack. Your forwards start the first wave. If they get in close, the defenders will push them back. Then the midfielders will come in for the second attack. In order to properly cover the midfielders, the defenders should reduce their pressure on your forwards.

You can increase the chance that your attacking players will attack the goal multiple times. This increases your chances of getting clear shots, which can lead to more goals for you and your team.


Soccer is fluid and players are constantly being put in new situations. This is why it is crucial that your players are able to react quickly on the field.

Your wing player may have been practising a play that requires him to carry the ball along the sideline. However, during the match the defenders are closing this lane. Both players should be able change their play and cross the ball or make a penetration pass.

Your practices need to be a place where you can let your players try new things. It is here that they can discover for themselves what works well and what doesn’t. They will be afraid to try out new things and they won’t be able make up their own ideas during the games.

Internet Penetration

Penetration refers a team’s ability or inability to penetrate the defense. This is achieved by using passes or runs. Your team needs to look for any gaps in the defense they are able pass the ball through. They should also make perceptive runs.

Penetrating runs can be achieved by having your team run through the defense, drawing them from their positions, and openings for the ball hander to either pass or take a clear shot at it.


Many soccer teams that are skilled have difficulty finishing a play. Soccer is not always easy. Your team’s ability or inability to capitalize on these opportunities can determine how successful you are at soccer.

So that your team can practice scoring, you need to allow them to finish the plays.

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